Trying to somehow snooze your alarm placed on your bedside table but ultimately waking up to its annoying buzzing and starting your day with a kick start, going straight to the nearby park, doing some good stretching to loosen up the muscles and prepare them for the impact of those intense morning exercises they are about to undergo (well, that is if you are kind of a morning person and are having a tight schedule through the rest of your day). The first thing you go for right after reaching the destination and doing some warm-ups got to be skipping. Those light-weighted neon-colored ropes or the ones made up of braided cotton or nylon cords, the golden times when we used to get away even after having a big cheese-loaded burger with fries on the side and milkshake with lots of calories, and merely putting on any weight. All of your hoppingand rope-playing assured that you burned off those extra calories. It is simple and so much fun while burning a lot of calories.


SKIPPING YOUR WAY TO FITNESS (with pun intended)

Just like the title suggest, skipping is a form of exercise that doesn’t even feel like one. Be it kids playing around with rope or teens listening to some good music or even professional athletes such as boxers, tennis players, and even models. Skipping is a cakewalk. It is surely considered to be one of the best cardio for not only losing weight but staying fit and healthy, active, toned, and for flexibility. 





Cardio respiratory Endurance: “It makes your heartbeat, beat super-fast.” Skipping is one of the best high-intensity cardio exercises which contributes to a happy and healthy heart, it increases your heart rate to that burning point where it can perform more efficiently, it will keep you in shape, you won’t find yourself panting or gasping right after running less than half a mile, and due to increased heart rate, the risk of heart diseases and strokes will be significantly low.



Increases Concentration: Skipping goes in a rhythm that your body then follows along. The interval during which you are skipping rope, you are in the seemingly synchronized state of mind and body. This harmonious union of mind and body generates positive energy, gives tranquillity and acts great as a stress reliever, and even relieves depression as it also keeps you motivated by making you feel productive. Skipping also helps sharpen the memory and enhances the overall state of a being. 



Toning of Core and Upper Body Muscles: One of the most important benefits of jumping rope other than shedding weight and preventing risks of heart failures and helping in heartbeat regulation is muscle toning. It helps in activating muscles and gradually makes them stronger, defined, and sculpted. The landing impacts your calves too in a certain way by improving the elasticity of the tissues, fascia, and tendons, and helping them to store energy effectively.



Best Handy Equipment for Losing Weight (Accessible, Portable, Versatile): Since the rope is pretty portable as it can be rolled and be carried wherever and you can jump rope anywhere. It is super light, doesn’t require much space, and can be easily kept in a small pouch or a bag, or, you can even carry them by wearing them as bangles after rolling them. It doesn’t require much space like the rest of the types of equipment, just a fairly small plain patch and you can go on your ride of losing weight and getting fit.



Tightens and Brightens your Skin: Apart from all the health and fitness benefits, skipping also helps you in achieving that dewy-glowing flawless skin that you see in ad commercials and get all obsessed. With a fast-paced life, not many of us get the time to hit the gym every day but it should not restrict you from sweating it out, especially, if gorgeous skin is one of the added advantages of rope jumping, pretty much like icing on the cake.  It is the most convenient way to take a break out from a busy schedule, do some stretches, and get on with a 10-15 min of skipping daily. Cardio-based exercises increase blood flow or blood circulation in the body which provides nutrients to your skin and flush out all the toxins, giving skin a fresh glow. 



Improves Bone Density: The stronger your bone gets, the lesser is the risk of breaking, which is one of the reasons why skipping is meant to prevent bone concerning injuries. The ones suffering from Osteoporosis are known to fracture their bone easily after a fall, or, even after some basic day-to-day activities such as bending or sitting low. Weight-bearing exercise such as skipping reduces the chances of Osteoporosis and thus preventing fracturing or breaking bones through mild accidents. It's also a fantastic workout for increasing ankle joint mobility and stability.



Helps in Improving Balance and Coordination: Improves shoulder health: It is quite important to have coordination amongst your eyes, hands, and feet along with focus and body awareness to do this exercise to not fall face-first on the ground. Hence, bringing constant coordination in practice will improve your overall coordination along with balance and composure. One of the reasons why athletes choose jumping rope as their preferred form of exercise is because of this.



A fun exercise: As mentioned earlier, skipping is one of the most fun and carbs-burning activities. It helps you get a healthy and fit body with not so much effort, and the adrenaline rush you get out of it while jumping straight and completing your goal? well, just phenomenal. And how few minutes of jumping makes you feel so physically productive and in shape.



So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a nice, durable rope, put on your training shoes and get on with the hustle. One more benefit of skipping is that you won’t have to look out for the weather as it can be done both outdoors as well as indoors, unlike jogging, running, etc. to reach your fitness goal and then ultimately flaunt that toned body, with strong bones, healthy lungs, and great stamina.

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