If you are a person who has recently started with their fitness journey order to lose weight or gain weight , you must know that it is more than just working out tirelessly at the gym for hours to have them six pack abs.

You need to fuel your body in order to loose weight / gain weight or stay fit and reach your health goals .

Your body needs essential nutrients so that it can fuel it for intense workout sessions  and reach your fitness goals .

If you anyhow have a doubt that you are doing all it takes and still you aren’t able to get the effective results , this is your time to look into you diet and fix it as soon as possible .

If you have a coach who is helping you in your entire weight loss / weight gain or overall fitness journey that amazing! But if not , luckily we are here to resolve your diet related queries at


1. Liquid Calories :

liquid calories

This means to drink smartly . Yes , you heard that right , on your fitness journey especially when you are trying to loose weight everything you consume counts . We often consume more calorie in the form of drinks, it doesn’t mean you have to eliminate every drink except of water but you can be mindful of the calories you are consuming , as they can enhance sugar intake.

Juices, alcohol , fizzy drinks are usually calorie denser and can have few nutritional benefits .

If you’re a fan of fruit juice, avoid ‘from concentrate’ and go organic and natural where you can and swap out the sugar for water or tea for a healthier alternative.

Caffeine and sugary drink may boost your energy levels but can be a good way to burn out your motor , so chose it sparingly and go for water whenever you can .


2. Low Fat / Fat Fress Options :

fat free food

Look out for options that are low fat , we don’t intend to say all fats are bad but limit junk food , processed food and refined food .

So be mindful of the kind of fats that your are consuming , however some low fat foods are rich in sugary substitute so be mindful of the extra calories .

With such options you can enjoy and fulfil your fat craving without adding the bad effects of not so good fat .


3. Avoid Frying Your Food : 

Frying food

Do not douse your food with oil and fats that are unnecessary .  Try using olive oil or coconut oil instead of cooking our food in butter .

Therefore instead of frying your food opt for roasting or boiling the food so that the flavours are preserved and also prevents from adding extra calories from the fat


4. Drink Water :

drink water

Water is your saviour , and if you add a glass of water before every meal , it is a clever trick.

Sometimes we confuse hunger with dehydration therefore if you drink a glass of water before meals , you will quench your thirst and eventually prevent adding more calories , therefore loose weight and feel fuller .


5. Make Healthy Eating A Habit :

If you have been working on improving your eating habits , and facing a trouble to curb your snacking habit, its absolutely normal , we all have been there .

Try making small changes and replace the no so good habits .

We all know habits are hard to break – eating habits are just the same. So all you need is to identify where can you cut to reach your health goals and loose weight fast .

Try limiting soda and sugary drinks and try to include healthy options in your meal like green tea, oatmeal, fresh fruits over packed fruit juices , opt for dark chocolates over milk chocolate.

Also try to not become obsessive with your eating pattern – do not starve yourself , make sure you are getting the macro and micronutrients in adequate amount .


6. Say No To Sugar :

Free of sugar

Glucose is important as it fuels your workout , but sugar In excess can lead to health problems and can mark a detrimental impact on your energy levels . 

A lot of us enjoy sugar – so we can limit the intake of sugar and opt for natural sweetners likes stevia leaves, jaggery etc. 

If you crave sugary food , you can opt for fresh fruits instead like mango , papaya , muskmelons ( they are also rich in water ) etc.


7. Be Mindful When Using Sauces And Dressings :

no sauce

Sometimes when we opt for healthy alternatives like salads , you may opt for dressings , make sure you limit the dressing as it may lead to a calorie surplus therefore preventing you from loosing weight and achieving your fitness goals . Sauces on the other hand again has some sugar content so it can spike the levels of sugar intake .

Keep all this things in mind when dieting , These following tips wil surely help you loose weight and reach you fitness body .

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