Spike Home Exerciser Kit

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Why Spike Home Exerciser Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Squatsfor your Back, Legs and Glutes

Hip Thrustsfor your Glutes, Legs and Back 

Good Morningsfor your Back and Arms  

Bicep Curlsfor your Arms

Chest Fliesfor your Chest 

Over 100 workoutscan be performed with the spike home exerciser kit. 

1x Pilates Bar

6x Latex Resistance Band

2x Foam Handle

2x Adjustable Strap

The spike home exerciser kit comes with a 6-month warranty.

Each band provides 30LBSof resistance. As a result, the overall resistance will be 180LBS.

Bands are made of latex material

The length is about 100cm (40inches) and the weight of the bar is 1.5kg so you can put in your suit case and take it with you.