Spike Tummy Trimmer

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Does Tummy Trimmer really work?

A: Yes, a Tummy trimmer helps in enhancing your core strength by making your abs stronger. It is also used in targeting your arms, shoulders, hips and thighs making it a full-body workout equipment.

Q: Does Tummy Trimmer reduce belly fat?
A: Yes, Spike Tummy trimmer helps in reducing your belly fat.

Q: Which Tummy Trimmer is best?
A: Many tummy trimmers are made out of Springs, This could lead to injuries while exercising. Spike Tummy trimmer is made out of a thick Latex Resistance band which is safe and has high resistance.

Q: What is the benefit of Tummy Trimmer?
A: Spike Tummy trimmer is used as a workout tool for your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt.

    Package Includes:


    1) Spike Tummy Trimmer

    2) Spike Tummy Trimmer User Manual