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Finding it difficult to stay consistent with your health goals? You want to work out and eat well but not being able to stay consistent is becoming a problem to you?


No worries, here are some tips and tricks to lose weight and help you stay consistent with your routine.


Set Realistic Goals:

The basic problem is when we try to lose weight is that we set unrealistic goals that are not achievable. For example: you think losing 15 – 20 kilos in a month’s span are extremely unrealistic, and when you fail to see progress you get demotivated and easily give up on the journey.

So we have to keep our fitness  goals extremely realistic like losing 1 kilo every week.


Track And Monitor Your Progress:

This means that track your calorie intake, macros and even your lifts, you can maintain a record book that can help you know how much the weight you have progressed or reps you have progressed over the time.


Stay Consistent:

One of the best ways is to stay consistent, which means workout even when you don’t feel Motivate yourself constantly by setting realistic goals or watching motivational videos. Fitness and healthy lifestyle are all about consistency that is following the same boring routine almost every single day..


Habits, Habits, And Habits:

Habits play a very important role in our everyday lifestyle and fitness journey. Try making a habit of getting up early, meditate, workout and practice yoga: you don't need anything for this and can be done at home easily all you need is a yoga matto get started with bodyweight exercises. You can get the most comfortable yoga mats at spikefitness.in.


Do Not Miss The Breakfast:

Yes, you heard me right, if you have been trying to lose weight, but cannot do it right, never miss breakfast, add protein rich breakfast in your diet. Protein provides a feeling of satiety and helps reduce cravings.


Eat Mindfully:

Do not drink your calories, there are lots of calories in shake rather than the fruit, so opt of fresh fruits and veggies over smoothies and shakes as they would put you in a calorie surplus causing weight gain and restricting you from achieving your health and fitness goals.


Water Is Your Friend:

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, this often happens with us. We confuse thirst with hunger due to not drinking enough water. Water keeps us hydrated, full, and also is great for our skin care and digestive system.


Snack Smart:

Well, you should not have snacks more than twice a day and be mindful of the portion when snacking opt for fruits and veggies or makhanas or sprouts.


Find Enjoyable Activity:

It is not necessary that you only have to lift or cardio, find out which activity you enjoy for example: sports like tennis, etc. Or Zumba or yoga or weight lifting or running / jogging or walking with your pet dog or dancing. It can be anything but remember the calories IN VS calories OUT principle.




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