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Want to build muscles but lose weight at the same time, here is all you need to know about muscle building .



In order to gain muscle mass you need  to stay in a calorie surplus which means you should be consuming more calories than the calories required by your body .


You do not need to spend endless number of hours at the gym , weight training for 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes along with the proper diet would help the muscles grow fast .


Meanwhile you wont be able to see the results immediately but every single workout session counts as it causes protein synthesis .


So therefore you wont see a muscle definition instantly but if over the time your are able to perform exercise with ease and the weight feels lighter surely your muscles are growing .


The Main Thing That Is Very Important In Order To Grow Muscles Is:


1. Progression In Strength Training:


It is a technique also called progressive overload, is the addition of weight over time. Also make sure that you form and technique are good to go when increasing weights in order to avoid the chances of being injured.


Progression begins on the set level, with the addition of reps. Eventually when we are capable of performing a quality number of reps per set, we add weight to make the set more challenging once again.



Strength training plays a crucial role in muscle growth


It May Include Exercises Like:

1. Bodyweight exercises
2. Resistance bands exercises
3. Exercises with weights
4. Progression Approch #1 – “Standard 8-12 Progression
5. 3x4 sets x 8-12 reps


There are 2 ways you can approach progression when working with the 8-12 rep range.



8x12 Method:

Stick with the same weight for each of the sets. When you reach 12 or more reps for your first set, add weight to this exercise the next time you hit the gym. Your third set may dip below 8 reps. That's ok. Remember progression is more important than rep ranges.


2. Protein:


As mentioned above diet plays a very crucial role and the most important macronutrient here is protein , that is how much is our protein intake as protein acts as a fuel for the muscle after performing exercises .  The ideal protein intake is around 8 gram (g) per kilogram (kg) of your body weight each day .



The major source of protein is animal source over plant source as they are complete protein (that is it have all the essential amino acid required by the human body).


Animal source - Egg , chicken breast , fish , milk , cheese.


Plant sources-  tofu , lentils , soyabean , cereals , nuts etc can be counted as a good source for protein.


If you are not able to fulfil your protein intake needs you can switch to whey protein supplements under the guidance of  a nutrition coach.


3. Rest: Yes you heard that right 



Exercising causes tears in the muscle tissue at minute levels which are not visible with naked eyes  , so when our body is at resting stage , there are cells named as fibroblasts that repairs the muscle tissue tear .
Due to this the muscle tissue heals and grows and becomes strong.
Resting also replenishes the stored energy that is lose during the workout .
It improves overall performance therefore better lifts , prevent muscle fatigue and limits the chances of being injured.
We should have atleast 1-2 rest days in our exercise schedule .


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