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Experiencing back pain? Here are some remedies that will prove to be useful to relieve the back pain.


What Is Back Pain?



It can be mainly called as a feeling of discomfort or ache in the back region of your body .


What Causes Back Pain:

Our back Is composed of complex muscles, ligaments, bones, etc. That work in a coordinated fashion to enable movement.

In some segments we have cartilages that act as cushion called as disks.

Any injury or problem in this system can be a cause of back pain.


It May Be Caused Due To:


Strain Or Sprain: 

It is the most common form and any tension in the muscle group, muscle spasm due to heavy weight lifting improperly, or awkward positioning of the body while lifting or fractures can cause strain.



Posture can also promote low back pain or muscle pain, example, keeping your back hunched for too long will lead to low back pain.


Other Causes Can Be Pathological Example:



Methods To Relive Back Pain:




Hot Packs:

Hot packs have been found extremely beneficial to relieve muscle spasms .You can use hot bags and add some warm water and apply it to the affected area.



Good Posture:

As mentioned above good posture is very important to improve low back pain.  DO NOT SLOUCH IF YOU SIT FOR LONG TIME PERIOD.Sit upright, with  shoulders relaxed and body supported against the back of a chair or couch.


Practice Stretching:

Yoga is extremely effective to cure low back pain. It improves overall   health,  improves blood circulation, muscle stiffness and reduces spasticity. It also  improved the spine flexibility.

Start performing yoga slowly for beginners and slowly progress, gradually add  more stretches to your yoga routine. Ideally the best time to practice yoga in  early in the morning. All you need is a yoga mat to get started . 

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Apply Ice Pack:

Ice pack causes vasoconstriction that means it will reduce the blood flow, therefore decreases swelling and inflammation. You can crush the ice in a towel and gently apply with slight compression over the affected area


Contrast Bath:

This is a technique which refers to the alternate application of hot and cold to the affected area. Apply heat for 3 minutes and cold for 1 minute. 3:1 ratio is to be followed, due to this alternate application, it enhances the vasodilation and vasoconstriction there relaxing the muscle soreness and preventing inflammation and swelling.

Rice Method: 


This Method Refers To:




Elevation, of the affected area.



Gently massage the back, you can also use foal rollers to release the trigger points to relieve pain.



Seek doctors help for proper medication. Pain killers can be helpful and NSAIDS (non- steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs) can be effective.


Physical Therapy:

Seek the help of a physiotherapist to help manipulation technique or overall strengthening of the affected area.




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