If you are confused with when is the best time for you to consume protein shake, you need to first prioritise the basics that is figure out How much protein does your body require on an everyday basis .

Ideally one should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kg of their body weight .

On an average one should consume 50-60 grams of protein everyday.


Protein Shake As A Pre Workout Drink :

When you workout , your body undergoes stress so while doing resistance or strength training , the purpose mainly is to gain strength and lose weight.

One should have protein in their system 3-4 hours before they train , the reason behind this is , to encourage Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) , this phenomenon helps the body to grow muscle and recover.

MPS Is effectively followed as a result of having a circulating pool of amino acids which is obtained via protein .

If we opt for dietary sources of protein , it might take sometime to break down , whereas amino acids from whey protein can be available in a shot span of time (one hour ).


Protein Shake As A Pre Workout :

If you are a person who doesn’t wants to have a full pre workout meal before workout as it might make you feel heavy then protein shake is the best option for you .

The amino acids present in protein shake will be available in your bloodstream , therefore will build and repair the muscles .

Also if you are a person who is running out of time before workout i.e you are not able to prepare a meal , therefore protein shake is a good to go drink .

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Post Workout Protein Shake :

After a vigorous exercise routine , it is essential for the body to have protein rich food , you can have it via dietary sources or you can even opt for protein shake .

A Protein rich meal or protein shake would help to repair and rebuild the damage that has been caused to your body .


Are You Still Confused With Whether To Consume Protein After Or Before Workout ?

Well it all depends on you , and your convenience .

You can opt for a pre workout shake or a post workout shake or both as well , completely depends on you .

However make sure that you consume good quality of whey protein and use a good quality protein shaker too .

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How Long Before – After Your Training You Should Consume Pre Or Post Workout ?

Generally , protein shake should be consumed 1-3 hours before workout and 1- 2 hours after training to ensure proper muscle recover and building . 


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