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Knee support are the products that hold a very significant role in providing stability to the knee joint when performing any sports activity or lifting weight , activities like running and also useful in the rehabilitation process.


The knee joint is a complex joint , hinge type of synovial joint that helps in performing flexion and extension , medial and lateral rotation movement of the knee.


It is formed by the articulation of three bones:


1. Patella

2. Tibia

3. Femur


Knee joint comprises of four  ligaments:


1. Anterior cruciate ligament

2. Posterior cruciate ligament

3. lateral collateral  ligament

4. Medial collateral ligament.



Often athletes suffer from a ligament tear or torn cartilage, therefore a knee support can limit the severity of the injury being caused without affecting the overall knee joint mobility.


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  • Knee supports are designed in such a way that they protect the knee joint from any future risks of injury.


  • They add some compression effect around the joint which causes increased blood flow there limiting the pain and inflammation around the joint, which have been highly useful for DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS (post exercise muscle soreness).


  • They provide proper alignment of the patella in the knee joint without compromising the movement while performing bilateral hinge movements a knee support prevent the knee joint Hyperextension on the and stabilize the knee joint to protect from the lateral impact.


  • Knee support prevents the knee joint by limiting the amount of pressure on the knee cap.


  • These knee supports provide warmth to the joint and also limits the movement of the patella.





  • If you are into weight lifting and you do lift a decent amount of weight , lifting progressively heavier in that case you should wear a knee support in the lifts that involve the knee joint.


  • You do not need a knee support for all the weight lifting exercises, if the knee joint is not involved primarily.


  • However, they have been found beneficial in providing overall stability to the knee joint while performing  squats, clean and jerk, snatch.


  • So all the intermediate and advanced weightlifters should use a knee support , shop at spikefitness.In, to stabilize their knee joint, a knee joint left weak or vulnerable can cause a serious knee injury in future.





Knee support provides extra protection and creates similar effects as that of a massage of the joint and muscle which helps a speedy recovery.


They allow sufficient ventilation and are ideal while playing sports or exercising .


Knee supports provides good support, and protection along with comfort to limit the risks of knee joint injuries such as , ligament sprain / tearing of ligament or cartilages during sports or daily life activities.


They also help with pain relief due to muscle soreness.


So if you are a person to loves lifting weight and are a mindful weightlifter who would perform the lifts with the correct forms and techniques and practice progression of weights but do not want to be injured, knee supports are your thing.


Get the best quality of knee support at spikefitness.in and keep your spirits high with injury free lifting .


Keep lifting!



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