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Are you in that phase of life where you feel yourself getting bloated and extremely inactive with every passing day and that annoying paunch making it hard to perform the most basic of the chores which includes bending and grabbing things from floor. Also, the ill-fitting clothes acting as a salt on the wound, the new gorgeous bodycon dress you got for yourself two weeks back seems to not go down your waist just because of the extra belly fat that you have put on. Oh, the horror! In such (EATING) scenarios one can think about two things they can go for, one being intense working out sessions and still not effective enough results  or the easier one, that is going for a tummy trimmer along with moderate work outs and seeing results in two weeks with some weights and cardio on side.


Time to turn your belly from fat to flat

That’s right! it is right about time to get rid of that extra fat and extremely bloated belly which is preventing you prom wearing your favorite clothes and simply making you self conscious. Here are some of the amazing exercises that you can go for not just reducing the belly fat but toning your abs, straightening and improving posture by shoulder exercises, toning both upper and fore arms, and your waist.



For exercising your waist: Using tummy trimmer for your waist is pretty similar to doing crunches straight up on mat without going all the way back in a lying position. Sit on the floor in such a manner that your upper body is perpendicular to the floor. Hold the tummy trimmer from its handles and place your feet on its pads, and slowly stretch backwards while holding the handle. Keep your arms in a 45 degrees angle from the handle and stretch backwards while pulling it along and get back in the original perpendicular angle from the floor. You can perform this exercise for 20-30 minutes.



For exercising your shoulders: For working on your shoulders, it works the same as a resistance band. Place your feet on the pads of the tummy trimmer while standing straight on it, holding handles with both hands and pulling it till chest level. After pulling the handle all the to chest, lower it down slowly to its original or rest position. You can do this exercise for an interval of 20-30 minutes.



For exercising your arms: This exercise would require you sit straight on the chair and with your feet on the pads stretch them forward while holding the handle and then bring the feet towards yourself in a resting position, keep repeating this for 15-20 times while keeping your arms intact.

Now, for second exercise, keep the tummy trimmer on the floor with its pads touching surface of the floor and its handle perpendicular to the floor. Then slowly pull the handles upwards, above your nose level and then slowly release it in a resting position. Keep repeating this exercise for 15-20 times for a good burn.



For exercising your legs: In this exercise, you are required to lay down flat on the floor, place your feet on the pads of the tummy trimmer while keeping a hold on handle then slowly raise your feet at a 90 degree angle from the floor while keeping your feet on the pads. Stretch your legs to your maximum capacity while keeping them straight and not bent from the knees. Bring the legs back to their normal position, that is, flat on the floor. Repeat this exercise for an interval of 20-30 minutes.



Tummy trimmer FAQs:

Q: Do tummy tuckers really flatten your belly?

    A: As pretty well known by most, consistency is the key. Hence, you will see results after few weeks of using the tummy trimmer and exercising with proper form and regularly. And voila! that annoying paunch can no more make you feel self conscious.

    Q: What are the types of tummy trimmers one can go for?

      A: In India, there are two types of tummy trimmers available that you can try out, namely, single spring tummy trimmer and double spring tummy trimmer. They vary in the intensity of resistance, so get yourself whichever suits your workout regime.

      Q: What are the other benefits of tummy trimmer excluding its effective working in losing belly fat?

        A: Tummy trimmer doesn’t help just in reducing your extra belly fat, but it also helps in tightening and toning your abs. Besides this, it also works on toning your forearms, upper arms, improving your posture by shaping your shoulders. Tummy trimmer can be used for performing various other resistance and strength workouts.

        Q: What is the benefit of using a tummy trimmer?

          A: A tummy trimmer helps in working your belly, waist, shoulders, legs, spine, butt, and arms.

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