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How to Motivate Yourself to Go To The Gym

How to Motivate Yourself to Go To The Gym.

Going to the gym is crucial for your health, but it is also hard. We all want to feel like we accomplished something, and going to the gym can be challenging, especially if it feels like you’ve already had a long day. Because of this, it can be easy to become lazy and find excuses for why you don’t want to go.

Here are some ways that you can motivate yourself to go to the gym.


Write down the benefits of going to the gym

The first and most important way to motivate yourself to go to the gym is by writing down all of the benefits. You can brainstorm all of the reasons you want to make sure that you are staying healthy. Being physically active can help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, or simply feel better about yourself.

Writing down the benefits will make it easier for you to keep track of what’s motivating you to go to the gym. It will also be a good reminder for you when you are feeling lazy and need encouragement to step away from Netflix.


Keep a workout routine

If you are having a hard time motivating yourself to go to the gym, it might be because of your routine. Try keeping a workout routine and sticking to it as best you can. If you start with one day per week, then gradually move up to two days per week, three days per week, and so on.

Try not to miss more than one workout in a row, because that will break your rhythm. You may also want to cut back on the number of workouts if you’re feeling too tired or if you find yourself skipping workouts for no reason.


Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep can contribute to a lack of motivation to go the gym. It is important to get the right amount of sleep in order to be able to function and stay energized throughout the day.

It is recommended that you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per nightin order for your body and mind to function optimally. By getting enough sleep, you will be able to wake up feeling refreshed and with more energy for the day ahead.


Find other ways to be active

There are plenty of other ways to stay active that don’t involve going to the gym. You can walk for a few minutes every day, take the stairs, or try a short jog.

If you have a dog, you can go on a walk with them. If you live in a city, you could go on a bike ride. When I find myself at home and not wanting to go to the gym, I will do some yoga or watch YouTube videos for exercise ideas.


Reward yourself for going to the gym

If you want to get into a routine that includes going to the gym, then you need to make sure that it feels like a reward for yourself.

You can do this by setting up a reward system so you feel accomplished and rewarded. Some ways of doing this could be:

-Receive a text message from your workout partner when they arrive at the gym and when they leave

-Text yourself when you’ve completed 20 minutes of exercise

-Set an alarm on your phone for every 10 minutes of workout time

-Tell someone in your family about how you’re committing to going to the gym, and give them permission to ask if you did it or not

These things will help motivate you because feeling like we’ve done something worthwhile is one of the most important psychological experiences. It gives our lives meaning. Rewards are also appealing because they help us stay motivated, which is what we need when trying out something new.


Find someone who is just as motivated as you are

When you have someone to workout with, it's much easier to find the motivation that you need for the day. When you go to the gym with your friend or family member, then it becomes a lot more fun and less of a drag.

You'll laugh together, talk about your routines, and just have an overall better experience. If you don't know anyone who is as motivated as you are at the moment, then try joining a class like spinning or yoga with your friends. This way when one of them doesn't show up for class they can substitute in at another time.


Create a plan of how you will work out at the gym.

One way to stay motivated is by creating a plan before you go. This plan should include the time, type, and intensity of your workout.

For example, your plan could be for an hour at the gym with cardio equipment, one hour of weightlifting, and one hour on the elliptical. This way, you have a set goal for your workout and it's easier to stay motivated because you know what to expect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m not very good at following through on my commitments. How can I make myself go to the gym?

A. It can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym, especially if you’ve had a long day or you don’t feel like you accomplished anything throughout the day. But there are plenty of ways to stay motivated. For example, try planning your workouts for after work so that you can feel accomplished after an already long day.

Q. I don’t know what type of workout I want to do or how often I should visit the gym. How can I figure out what type of fitness program I want?

A. When trying to decide on what type of fitness program is right for you, think about what motivates you, e.g., weight loss, muscle gain, overall wellness, etc. You also want to think about your goals and prioritize them accordingly.

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