One glance at your belly and you can’t help but reminisce your glory days as a youth. The belly has slowly increased in size and gained some fat over the years, and you have no idea what happened.

You’re certain that you’re eating right, and you’ve been putting overtime at the gym. Yet, the stubborn belly fat doesn’t seem to even reduce an inch.

In this blog you will get a step-by-step method to lose all your belly fat.

First Thing You need to do is:


1) Calculate your BODY FAT PERCENTAGE

How to calculate body fat percentage ?

To Calculate your body fat percentage, select "Calculate Body Fat%ge" in the Calculator below and type your

1) Measuring System
2) Sex
3) Height in cm  
4) Neck Circumference in cm  
5) Waist Circumference in cm
6) Hips Circumference in cm

After you have entered all the Details press "Submit". 

If you don't  know how to measure, you can use the calculator below. 


Fat Percentage Calculator
Measuring System
Height (Cms)
Neck Girth (Cms)
Waist (Cms)
Hips (Cms)
Your Body Fat
Body Fat Category
Calculations are as per US Navy Formula



Now Compare Your Body fat with the table given below.

If you want to have no belly fat and have some 6 Packs then you should be in the "Lean" Category. 



To Reach this body fat percentage you need to reduce your daily "calorie intake".

What Is Calorie?

Each food you eat has a calorie on it.
In the below picture 
93kcal = 93 Calories

For Example:

A person has a body fat percentage of 18% and has to reach 10% to get a defined Abs.

So, He needs to eat less then 1500 Calories a day for 2 months to reach that Goal.

1 Apple (100g) = 52 calories
1 Chicken burger = 300 Calories

So, Now you know why you are not losing any belly Fat.

Now, if you where eating 2500 calories per day But by calculation your daily calorie should have been 2000 Calories.

Then with in a month you will be gaining extra 500*30=15,000
 which is enough to give you a Big Belly.

Maintaining your Calories is the Key to losing Belly Fat.



Myfitnesspal is one of the best app you can use to Track your daily calorie intake. http://



Every health and fitness blog or book ever written state that weight loss cannot be achieved through exercise alone.

It’s true. Directing all your weight loss efforts towards exercising alone will make your journey difficult and discouraging.

Your calorie intake should be less than your daily food consumption. One of the ways to achieve this is by starving yourself, However; this will lead to low energy levels and discourage a physically active lifestyle.

Hence, the only reasonable way is through eating nutrient-dense and low- calorie foods.

This entails eating more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in protein and other beneficial nutrients.

While doing so, you are required to cut back and eventually eliminate the consumption of foods high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fat.



If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to lose weight or lose belly fat, chances are you’ve come across the famous Slim Belts or Waist Trimmers .

Their popularity is owed to the fact they function as Belly fat loss belts. Their effectiveness is widely debated and has hence caused a lot of doubt among interested customers.

Regardless, they have been found to be effective in stimulating weight loss in very little time, especially around the waist area. To achieve the best results, it would be wise to purchase one that is considered the Best slimming belt for weight loss in the Slim belt industry.

Spike, which is known to be King in the fitness industry, producesSpike sweat slim belts that are second to none in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Be sure to visit their slim belt online store which features sweat slim belt original reviews from satisfied customers.

Buy Spike Sweat slim belt Here:



If you feel that you cannot Calculate your Calories and you lack time for this, Then Intermittent fasting is the way to go.

Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight and improve health.

In Intermittent fasting, you're technically fasting for 16 hours every day, and restricting your eating to an 8-hour eating window. This basically means "Just skip your Breakfast".

Watch this video to understand Intermittent fasting clearly.



Research has proven over and over again that, in order to lose weight, we have to consume fewer calories than we lose. One method that can help ensure that we achieve the aforementioned fact is through exercising. The next step is ensuring that you Maintain a consistent workout routine.

It’s often easy to lose motivation, especially when it comes to exercising. This is why most fitness enthusiasts and experts recommend that you purchase a couple of items that will encourage a physically active lifestyle.

For starters, purchasing a slim belt can help you look good in your workout clothes, as well as encourage faster weight and fat loss. Their effectiveness has earned these tummy tuck belts a variety of names, including the belly burner weight loss belt, fat burning belt, or belly reducing belt



Are you looking to increase your metabolism, lose weight and increase muscle mass all at the same time? Then do not skip your cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises. These exercises, according to research, promote all the above-mentioned benefits and more.

If you already have a gym membership, you may have noticed a number of people wearing body slim belts or tummy reducing belts. Keep in mind, you want to stick to the best slimming belt so as to experience top-notch results.

The popular brand, Spike, manufactures high- quality sweat slim belts designed to increase temperatures around our abdomen as we exercise. This, in turn, encourages sweating around the core area to aid fat burning and the loss of water weight. Due to the nature of the belt, as well as the material used to make it, it’s no surprise the Spike Slim belt is considered the best stomach belt to reduce tummy fat.


Cardiovascular exercises are an ideal way to increase calorie burn and weight loss. Research also supports the effectiveness of resistance training exercises in aiding the loss of visceral fat. Most gym and fitness experts often recommend combining the aforementioned exercises to help increase weight loss.


10) How to calculate Calories.

We have provided a calculator for you to calculate your calories. 

Enter your Gender, Activity, Height, Weight, Age and Then your desired weight.  


To Get a Detailed Report on your weight goal check this calculator


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