There are certain foods that can accelerate our metabolism process and boost up our weight loss .

Although the key should not be forgotten that you need to be under a calorie deficit to lose weight but adding these foods to your diet along with strength training and cardio routine will boost up the weight loss process.

Add these foods to your meals and see the results .


Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein and essential fats, they provide a feeling of satisfaction and prevents from over eating.

They are also rich in some vitamins and minerals (present in egg yolk ) which contributes in the metabolic reactions



Chicken – It is rich in protein and comparison to eggs , chicken takes more time and energy to digest therefore helps in losing weight . It also helps the muscle growth process by preserving the muscle mass under a calorie deficit diet .



Apple – Apple is rich in soluble fibres and helps to slow down the digestion process . it also helps to curb our appetite if consumed before a meal . fibres are closes associated with the cardiovascular health – which is important in fitness .


Blueberries – They are rich in antioxidants and have comparatively less sugar content , therefore good for skin and keep you fuller .


Watermelon – They are rich in the water content and fibres , and have lesser calories therefore having a watermelon will make you feel fuller while limiting your overall calorie intake. It will make you feel fuller than dried fruits due to the water content present in it .



Broccoli – This vegetable has fewer calories and is a part of the crucifer family , it helps to burn fat and is nutrient dense . you can add it in salads and other dishes .

  • Lettuce - Salads keeps you full , having a salad before a meal will prevent you from overeating , . As it is rich in water and fibre it will also help you to limit the portion from other food . when eating salad keep a note of the dressing , try to not add sauces and sugary and starchy dressing to stay under a calorie deficit .
  • Oats – It sums up as an ideal breakfast meal as it is rich in whole grain and fibre. You can cook it overnight and add your favourite yogurt, milk or add masalas to spice it up and satisfy your taste buds.  Oats absorbs the water or material mixed with it (yogurt , milk ) so it actually feels fuller .
  • Quinoa – Rich in the protein content , it helps to boost fat loss / weight loss , it can be used as a substitute to oats sometimes . it keep you full for longer time .
 Nut butter
  • Nut butter – It is a healthy fat source – like almond butter ,      peanut butter , can be easily made at home . it can be used as toppings on oatmeal or in pancakes etc . they also have protein content therefore helps in fat loss . remember the portion though as they are higher in calories and can put you on a calorie surplus if consumed excessively .



  • Coffee – Coffee helps to boost energy levels and overall metabolism . try to limit the use of sugar of cream in your coffee . It provides energy to boost our workout and also is less in calories in comparison to tea or other beverages therefore helps in weight loss.
 Green Tea
  • Green Tea – Helps with metabolism and has less calories . it has fat burning properties and is rich in antioxidants , promotes fat / weight loss .
  • Whey – Highly rich in its protein content – whey protein helps you to preserve muscle while fat loss . Whey is mixed with water or milk and consumed instantly therefore it gets absorbed into the bloodstream immediately . If you are a vegeterian and can't meet your everyday protein needs whey is for you . It definitely makes you feel fuller and helps in weight loss and muscle gain . 
  • Cinnamon – It had a sweet and warm flavour , it has been proved that cinnamon boosts the metabolic process and helps to burn fat and loose weight . It helps to stabilize the blood sugar level and limits hunger .
 Citrus fruits
  • Citrus fruits – Fruits rich in vitamin c are called as citrus fruits example – lemon , kiwi , sweet potato , oranges etc . research shows that Individuals with adequate vitamin C status oxidize 30% more fat during a moderate In short, you’ll lose more weight if your vitamin C levels are high. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and is rich in antioxidants .

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May 20, 2021

Best food for weight loss 😊

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