Looking out for ways to lose weight , Here is one the best ways you can lose weight effectively at home .

Skipping is a great way to elevate your heart rate and burn calories .

It is fun , creative and less time consuming .

Here are some benefits of skipping that will definitely help you lose weight at home .



  • Jumping rope strengthens the leg muscles and provides elasticity – which leads to lower risks of getting injured .



  • Jumping rope helps to improve overall co-ordination and improves posture , as it is a cyclic activity , it helps to improve coordination between eyes, hands and legs .



  • You can learn new motor patterns in jumping rope which will help to build a neuromuscular co-ordination between the brain , wrist and lower leg muscles .


  • You can mix jumping rope with strength training routine which will enhance the overall intensity of the workout . This can provide a cardiorespiratory benefit to the individual . You can increase the intensity by adding more reps or more patterns . you can add 2-3 minutes of steady rope jumping in your workout routine to burn those extra calories and lose weight fast .


  • Jumping rope are extremely portable , therefore you can do them anytime , anywhere . you would no require specific equipments .


  •  It can be performed outdoor and , many garden have a pull up bar and you can incooperate skipping with the other exercises to have a full body workout routine without any equipment .


  • All you need to workout at home , safely in a space is a jump rope , to practice a good cardio session . you can buy it online and start you workout ASAP .


Invest In Good Quality Jump Rope

If you are thinking about making jumping rope a component of your personal workout program it's a good idea to invest in a good, durable jump rope. Purchasing a jump rope is not a significant investment, but you should spend a little to invest in a rope that is easy to adjust and that uses ball bearings to  connect the rope and the handle. Ropes with bearings tend to last a little longer than ropes that simply have the end knotted in the handle. The only other piece of equipment you need is a timer, which can easily be downloaded to a phone or tablet and used to set specific work-to-rest ratios.

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Workout :



You can use the following ways to add jumping rope to your workout plan to lose weight efficiently at home .

You can add this either at the end of the workout as a finisher or during the start or in between to accelerate that heart beat , or add it in your cardio routine .


Warm Up :

This will help the muscles of legs and connective tissue to prepare them for the force experienced during workout .

perform eight to 10 jumps, rest for 30 seconds.


Practice These Jumps :



Split-leg Jumps (Sagittal Plane):

Start with your right foot forward and left foot back. As you jump, move your left foot forward and right foot backward before landing.


Wide-to-narrow Jumps (Frontal Plane): 

Jump the feet out to shoulder-width apart and then directly under the hips.


External-to-internal Rotation Jumps (Transverse Plane):

Jump up and rotate your right foot to point toward 2 o'clock and the left foot toward 10 o'clock when you land. As you jump back up, rotate the feet to point to 12 o'clock. To protect your knees, do not over rotate your feet and be sure to land with your knees slightly bent.


Cool Down :

Perform calf stretch and quadriceps stretch .


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