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Every fitness expert dreams of having a flat tummy and toned abs along with a painless back and straight posture. For sure, exercising for building and strengthening the muscles requires you to sweat for hours in your gym. For burning fat and keeping your posture straight to avoid back pain, people throughout the globe keep a cotton towel with them and try numerous exercises like situps, spider planks, tap planks, forward and reverse crunches, and U boat. All these workouts require months in order to show some positive results.      
It is believed that if the workout starts giving results within ten days, people will start getting undoubtful about it. Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a Japanese reflexology and massage specialist, introduced an exercise named Japanese Towel Exercise. He took decades to develop this unique workout in which one needs a towel to fix the displacement of the pelvic muscles. Some problems found in humans, like extra fat around the waistline, back pain, tilted posture, and weak backbone, are usually due to incorrect placement of pelvic muscles. Toshoki Fukutsudzi claimed that all such issues would be fixed by doing Japanese Towel exercises. Given below are the four basic benefits of this exercise.
Losing Weight
Weight loss is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of daunting workouts and rigorous dieting plans. Physical exercises and dieting play hand-in-hand to shed extra kilos. There are numerous types of dieting plans like keto diet, sleep diet, and baby food died. With time, people are getting aware of the smart idea that they can lose calories by just keeping a rolled towel under their backs. Due to this, the need for gym equipment, weights, and machines has got minimal. This is the most amazing feature of towel exercise as it only requires a regular towel to be kept under your waist for just five minutes for weight reduction. Losing weight is no more a strenuous task; all credit goes to Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi.
Reducing Back Pain
Many physicians claim that by keeping a rolled towel under your back, the spine and pelvis are aligned, which prevents the accumulation of fat around the waistline and abdominal area. Apart from that, the inventor of this towel exercise claimed that this exercise plays best in reducing the pain in your back. People out there are sharing their reviews. 'This is so charismatic. I have done it, and after minutes, my waistline changed, and I felt that I never had back pain. All you need to do is be consistent; only then it would show positive results,' narrated by a woman. Another person said, 'I have experienced that my back stretched occasionally, and the pain got released without doing any harsh workout and by just using a bath towel.' Another lady said: 'I have been using this method successfully for over 40 years whenever I get pain in my lower back. A woman praises that her body felt great after doing this towel exercise.
Another lady said she has been doing this exercise for quite a while 'presently' because it lessens her back pain. She said that she has scoliosis and has continuous pain in her lower back; she experienced all kinds of workouts and medications that she thought would assist her in decreasing back pain. Out of all, this method played extraordinarily. This technique generally makes her feel calm and assists her in having a sound sleep.
Correct Posture
Keeping a rolled towel under your spine and stretching your arms upwards facilitate you to straighten your body posture. As narrated by the inventor of towel exercise and many other specialists, the Japanese Towel Exercise is the best in the list of all workouts as it aligns the spine with the pelvis, leaving you to have a correct posture. Before, if your body posture was bent at 13 degrees, this exercise will decrease this inclination to more than 8 degrees. If you continue doing this exercise for months, it will effectively straighten your body posture.
Healthy Stomach
"All our organs and limbs, including the intestine and stomach, connect to the brain via the vertebral column," narrated by a fitness expert. "It is true that misalignment of the bones, reflected in bad posture, can mean that nerve pathways are constricted.
"The part of the spine between the ribs and the small of your back is where the intestine nerves are connected, so if you slouch or push your pelvis too far back, it may result in indigestion issues, such as constipation, bloating gas, and acid reflux."

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