If you are a binge eater who does stress eating and loathes gym, (well, we happen to have so much in common) then maintaining a healthy lifestyle and burn those extra stubborn calories becomes a daunting task. Aside from having a proper diet, maintaining an active exercising life is mandatory to shed extra pounds. If you are having a 9-5 job which includes sitting for hours and might lead to several back problems and bad posture issues. Exercising daily not only helps you at staying fit but also to be able to work efficiently, have good mental health, stronger bones, reduced risks of chronic diseases, and deal with posture problems.


“Weight” no longer to get that toned bod!

In today’s era, with everything online and digitalized, has to lead to an inactive, sluggish life where people don’t pay much heed to their physical fitness and well-being and end up with several health risks including heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, risk of stroke, diabetes and whatnot. Hence, it is quite important to keep in mind the risks associated with eating unhealthy not following a proper diet, and also a need to follow a combination of cardio and strength training.

Here are some of the best cardio workouts you can go for to achieve that flexible and ripped body.



Walking: A very basic and easy form of cardio exercise to lose weight. Be it an after-dinner night stroll or an early morning brisk walk, in just 30 minutes a day you can improve your cardiovascular fitness, bone strengthening, weight reduction, and increase physical strength and endurance. It also helps to avoid heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some malignancies. They can prevent sickness. Walking is completely free and does not require specific equipment or training, unlike many other types of workouts.

Walking is an exercise of low impact, which may be performed at your own pace any time of day, without specific equipment. You can go for a stroll without the hazards of more strenuous workouts.




Skipping: It is yet another fun way to shed pounds through merely bouncing around. Skipping or rope jumping helps in toning the upper body, calves, and to tighten up your core. Apart from burning fat and toning the body, skipping also plays a role in increasing concentration and mental health, cardiorespiratory endurance, improving bone density, balance, and coordination. It can surprisingly burn up to ten calories in a minute and strengthen your legs, knuckles, shoulders, belly, and arms. On average, a 10 min skipping each day can burn about 200 calories, certainly better than brisk walking. 



Running: A soul-thrilling exercise, which helps you continue to burn calories even hours after a workout. It requires little to no equipment and can be done anywhere as long as it is spacious. Just tie your training shoes, plug in your ear pods and run and jam along to a piece of upbeat music. It is known to burn about 100 calories per mile. Running also lowers blood pressure levels and cholesterol and lowers the risks of osteoporosis.




Cycling: An excellent cardio, which boosts your heart and lung health, builds muscle strength, regulates blood levels, and lowers stress and anxiety. Though often touted as a low-impact exercise, it helps you shed extra pounds and get your heart rates up with not much wear and tear on your knees and joints. You can also use it as a form of transportation and burn calories at the same time.




Strength Training: A non-cardio workout that helps in reducing body fat without leading to weaker muscles unlike other cardio exercises such as running and cycling. When you go for intense weight training and high reps, it boosts your metabolism, which stays elevated long after you are done working out, which means you are burning excess calories and fat by increasing both after-burn after exercise when you are at rest. Strength training burns calories along with increasing muscle size and strength.  




Swimming: Are you a water baby? who likes to splash around, cool off on a scorching hot day, and voila! drop those stubborn pounds while at it. It is a magnificent recreational practice that can be adopted by people of all age groups. It increases your cardiac rate and as the water gently supports muscles so it reduces stress from the body and is easy on joints and muscles. It is a whole-body workout that builds cardiovascular and muscle strength, increases stamina and metabolism as well as helps you be in shape, improves multiple sclerosis symptoms, and regulates blood sugar. Since it engages the whole body, hence, is an efficient way to burn fat from all parts while strengthening muscles.



Zumba or aerobics: Zumba includes high-intensity aerobics which is inspired and originated from Latin dancing and is an extremely fun and exciting way to burn calories. Just play some cool Spanish music that you can jam along and flow in rhythm with its beats. It can burn up to 300-900 calories in an hour of mid-to-high intensity cardio session. Adding Zumba or aerobics at least 2-3 times a week with a proper and balanced diet and strength training will surely going to help you achieve goals in your weight loss journey and you will start seeing subtle changes by the third week.




Kickboxing: Kickboxing is quite a popular way of burning calories from the belly, and toning love handles. It is known for building muscle mass, boost your metabolism, increasing strength and power. An excellent activity to get that adrenaline rush strengthens your core muscles and shed that bloated belly if performed in the right manner. Since kickboxing is more of a strength-building endeavor, so it may lead to gaining weight instead of losing it if you don’t play the cards right. It can burn around 600-900 calories in an hour session. It is important to be performed under proper guidance.



HIIT workout: As the name suggests, these workouts are of extremely high intensity that it forces your body to use energy from fats as opposed to carbs. If you are on a diet, it gets pretty hard to maintain those hard-earned muscles while burning the most calories you can with those hardcore workouts. This form of exercising ensures that your body stays in fat-burning mode for 24 hours even after you did a workout, which means it is more effective than those moderate rate exercises and you will burn more fat. Along with weight loss, it also helps in increasing metabolism and improving heart health. 



Rowing: Rowing is a full-body workout and engages multiple muscle groups and hence, making it a huge fat burner. Unlike running or cycling, it hits both the upper and lower body. When the aim is losing weight through rowing then consistency and duration are certainly the keys, row for about 30-60 minutes 5-6 times a week for maximum results. 




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